The 2018 IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing

Kaohsiung • Taiwan | December 10—13, 2018

Accepted Papers
Workshop Papers

  • Bipolar Dual-LFSR Reseeding for Low-Power Testing
    Jen Cheng Ying, Wang Dauh Tseng and Wen Jiin Tsai

  • OTMEN: Offloading Traffic Monitoring to Edge-Node in Software-Defined Datacenter Networks
    Amer Aljaedi, C. Edward Chow, Ehab Ashary and Francisco Torres-Reyes

  • ANN Mechanism for Network Traffic Anomaly Detection in the Concept Drifting Environment
    Rua-Huan Tsaih, Shin-Ying Huang, Mao-Ci Lian and Yennun Huang

  • Dependable Embedded System on FPGA
    Osman Elgawi

  • Secure Personal Multi-Device Network Overlays
    Johannes Vamos and Saman Zonouz

  • Forged seal imprint identification based on regression analysis on imprint borders and metrics comparisons
    Wei-Ho Chung, Mu-En Wu, Yeong-Luh Ueng and Yu-Hsuan Su

  • A Thin Client Model to Querying Encrypted Databases in Cloud
    Brajendra Panda and Victor Fuentes Tello

  • An Advanced Biometric-enabled Remote User Authentication Technique using Smart Card
    Trupil Limbasiya, Arijit Karati, Chun-I Fan and Nishant Doshi

  • Closed-Loop DDoS Mitigation System in Software Defined Networks
    Henan Kottayil Hyder and Chung-Horng Lung

  • A Privacy-Preserving Metro Passenger Flow Acquisition and Query System based on Crowd-Sensing
    Caiqin Nong and Shaohua Tang

  • Risk of Bitcoin Addresses to be Identified from Features of Output Addresses
    Kodai Nagata and Hiroaki Kikuchi

  • The Method of Capturing the Encrypted Password Packets of WPA & WPA2, Automatic, Semi-Automatic ?
    Tien-Ho Chang, Chia-Mei Chen and Gu-Hsin Lai

  • Improving Tor Hidden Service Crawler Performance
    Jonghyeon Park, Hyunsu Mun and Youngseok Lee

  • Load Balancing using ECMP in Multi-Stage Clos Topology in a Datacenter
    Harpreet Kaur Dhaliwal and Chung-Horng Lung

  • Enforcing Policy-Based Security Models for Embedded SoCs within the Internet of Things
    Matthew Hagan, Fahad Manzoor Siddiqui, Sakir Sezer, Kieran McLaughlin and Boojoong Kang

  • Stochastic Bitstream Processors on FPGAs to Compute Data From Sensors for Fault-Tolerant IoT
    Rui Policarpo Duarte

  • CC-Tracker: Interaction Profiling Bipartite Graph Mining for Malicious Network Activity Detection
    Tzung-Han Jeng, Yi-Ming Chen, Chien-Chih Chen, Chuan-Chiang Huang and Kuo-Sen Chou

  • An Identity-based Fair Contract Signing Protocol Constructed by the Confirmation Signature
    Chih Hung Wang

  • An Intrusion Detection System Using Unsupervised Feature Selection
    Chanchal Suman, Somanath Tripathy and Sriparna Saha

  • Algorithm for Key Generation Based on Generated Intervals Using Fingerprint Feature Distance
    Peiyi Wang and Lin You

  • A Biometric-based Searchable Encryption Scheme
    Xinyao Weng and Lin You

  • Secure Hierarchical Bitcoin Wallet Scheme Against Privilege Escalation Attacks
    Chun-I Fan, Yi-Fan Tseng, Hui-Po Su, Ruei-Hau Hsu and Hiroaki Kikuchi

  • Blockchain-based Authentication in IoT Networks
    Chi Ho Lau, Alan K H Yeung and Fan Yan

  • AnchorCAN: Anchor-based Secure CAN Communications System
    Hsiao-Ying Lin, Zhuo Wei, Yanjiang Yang, Yadong Wei, Kang Tang and Qingdi Sha

  • Empirical Analysis of Japanese Passwords
    Nonoko Ai and Akira Kanaoka

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