The 2018 IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing

Kaohsiung • Taiwan | December 10—13, 2018

Accepted Papers
Poster Papers

  • Detecting PE-Infection Based Malware
    Chai-Mei Chen, Gu-Hsin Lai and Tzu-Ching Chang

  • The Analysis of Network Operation Situation based on Traffic Matrices
    Zhou Fengqing and Li Xingming

  • Evolution of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Attacks and Actors
    Chia-Mei Chen and Dan-Wei Wen

  • Privacy of Outsourced two-party k-means Clustering
    Yunlu Cai and Chunming Tang

  • Offline Transferable E-Cash mechanism
    Jia-Ning Luo and Ming Hour Yang

  • Counterfeit Fingerprint Detection of Outbound HTTP Traffic with Graph Edit Distance
    Chi-Kuan Chiu, Te-En Wei, Hsiao-Hsien Chang and Ching-Hao Mao

  • Integrated Digital Forensic for Cyber Attacks
    Chia-Mei Chen, Zheng-Xun Tsai and Dan-Wei Wen

  • Detection of DNS Tunneling by Feature-free Mechanism
    Chia-Min Lai, Bo-Ching Huang, Shin-Ying Huang, Ching-Hao Mao and Hahn-Ming Lee

  • On the Authentication of Certificateless RSA Public Key
    Wu-Chuan Yang, Lien-Yuan Ting and Tzu-Chun Kuo

  • Dynamic Anonymous Identity Authentication Scheme for VANET
    Songzhan Lv and Yining Liu

  • A finger vein encryption based on Chen's chaotic system and auxiliary data
    Tingting Lan and Lin You

  • Malicious Power Generation Attacks on Smart Grid
    Sridhar Adepu, Nandha Kumar Kandasamy, Jianying Zhou and Aditya Mathur

  • Low-Power Command Protection using SHA-CRC Inversion-based Scrambling Technique for CAN-Integrated Automotive Controllers
    Daejin Park and Jihun Kim

  • OWASP Risk Analysis Driven Security Requirements Specification for Secure Android Mobile Software Development
    Kai Qian, Reza Parizi and Dan Lo

  • Optimizing the Sequence of Vulnerability Scanning Injections
    Koichi Funaya, Samir Bajaj, Kumar Sharad and Alok Srivastava

  • Proactive Approach to Secure Android Mobile Applications
    Quyen Nguyen and Arun Sood

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