The 2018 IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing

Kaohsiung • Taiwan | December 10—13, 2018

Accepted Papers
Main Conference Track

  • Skipping Sleeps in Dynamic Analysis of Multithread Malware Programs
    Yoshihiro Oyama

  • Dynamic Path Pruning in Symbolic Execution
    Ying-Shen Chen, Wei-Ning Chen, Che-Yu Wu, Hsu-Chun Hsiao and Shih-Kun Huang

  • Use-After-Free Mitigation via Protected Heap Allocation
    Mingbo Zhang and Saman Zonouz

  • Finder: Automatic ICC Data Reconstruction for Long-Term Runtime Semantics
    Chia-Wei Hsu, Sheng-Ru Wei and Shiuhpyng Shieh

  • Differentially Private Principal Component Analysis Over Horizontally Partitioned Data
    Sen Wang and Morris Chang

  • Differentiating and Predicting Cyberattack Behaviors using LSTM
    Ian Perry, Lutzu Li, Christopher Sweet, Shanchieh Jay Yang and Ahmet Okutan

  • PriBioAuth: Privacy-Preserving Biometric-Based Remote User Authentication
    Yangguang Tian, Yingjiu Li, Ximeng Liu, Robert Huijie Deng and Binanda Sengupta

  • Mitigating Over-Permissible Transfer for Control Flow Integrity
    Chung-Kuan Chen, Shang-Kuei Chen and Shiuhpyng Shieh

  • Secret Sharing Schemes Using Modulo-2^{m} Arithmetic Operations
    Hidenori Kuwakado

  • Setting Malicious Flow Entries Against SDN Operations: Attacks and Countermeasures
    Cheng-Hsu Lin, Chi-Yu Li and Kuochen Wang

  • Segment Routing Green Spine Switch Management Systems for Data Center Networks
    Ose Osamudiamen and Chung-Horng Lung

  • An Over-the-Blockchain Firmware Update Framework for IoT Devices
    Alexander Yohan and Nai-Wei Lo

  • Additional Kernel Observer to Prevent Privilege Escalation Attacks by Focusing on System Call Privilege Changes
    Toshihiro Yamauchi, Yohei Akao, Ryota Yoshitani, Yuichi Nakamura and Masaki Hashimoto

  • A Bandwidth-Efficient Middleware for Encrypted Deduplication
    Helei Cui, Cong Wang, Yu Hua, Yuefeng Du and Xingliang Yuan

  • Efficient Key-Aggregate Proxy Re-Encryption for Secure Data Sharing in Clouds
    Wei-Hao Chen, Chun-I Fan and Yi-Fan Tseng

  • Resilient and Scalable Cloned App Detection using Forced Execution and Compression Trees
    Mohamed Elsabagh, Ryan Johnson and Angelos Stavrou

  • A Lightweight Compound Defense Framework Against Injection Attacks in IIoT
    Po-Wen Chi and Ming-Hung Wang

  • CORE: Cooperative Encryption with Its Applications to Controllable Security Services
    Ruei-Hau Hsu, Jemin Lee, Tony Q.S. Quek and Chun-I Fan

  • A Homomorphic LWE-Based Verifiable Electronic Voting System
    Chen Wu and Shaohua Tang

  • MOSQUITO: Covert Ultrasonic Transmissions between Two Air-Gapped Computers using Speaker-to-Speaker Communication
    Mordechai Guri, Yosef Solewicz and Yuval Elovici

  • Impact Assessment of Password Reset PRMitM attack with Two-factor Authentication
    Kota Sasa and Hiroaki Kikuchi

  • Efficient Key Agreement Protocol for Smart Sensors
    Albert Guan and Chin-Laung Lei

  • slimIoT: Scalable Lightweight Attestation Protocol For the Internet of Things
    Mahmoud Ammar, Mahdi Washha, Gowri Sankar Ramachandran and Bruno Crispo

  • PAST: Protocol-Adaptable Security Tool for Heterogeneous IoT Ecosystems
    Antonino Rullo and Elisa Bertino

  • Moving-target Defense against Botnet Reconnaissance and an Adversarial Coupon-Collection Model
    George Kesidis, Yuquan Shan, Neda Nasiriani, Takis Konstantopoulos, Daniel Fleck and Angelos Stavrou

  • Vague Set based FMEA Method for Risk Evaluation of Safety Related Systems
    Kuo-Sui Lin and Chih-Chung Chiu

Experience and Practice

  • DeepMemIntrospect: Recognizing Data Structures in Memory with Neural Networks
    Chung-Kuan Chen, E-Lin Ho and Shiuhpyng Shieh

  • Network Security for IOT using SDN: TImely DDoS Detection
    Narmadha Sambandam, Mourad Hussein and Noor Siddiqi

  • Applying IoT on The Deployment of Central-Monitored Honeynets
    Chia-Mei Chen and Shi-Hao Wang

  • Design and Implement of a Binary Fuzzer based on LibFuzzer
    Wei-Chieh Chao, Si-Chen Lin, Yi-Hsien Chen, Chin-Wei Tien and Chun-Ying Huang

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